Death Note Theory 2: L IS ALIVE!

Hey guys! We're back again with an update to the¬†original Death Note theory I had written before. Let's jump right in, and spill some¬†sugary tea- just the way L likes it.   Why the update??? Someone awesome named Josie Lou in my comment section connected a few dots, and added to my base theory in... Continue Reading →

Artists, Don’t Draw Anime or Manga!

Now before you come pelting me with your stabby accusations and unkind names in the comment section for my clickbait-y title, stay tuned for the whole post. I'm going to be delving into two sides of this debate: The hobby side, and the professional side. I think there are two underlying problems here... Even though... Continue Reading →

Horrid Hisoka- Original Track

For those of you who haven't watched a lot of anime, haven't read my anime posts, or just don't know Hunter X Hunter in particular- Hisoka is my favorite character from Hunter X Hunter and possibly one of my favorite characters of all time. Anime or otherwise.     He's so darn interesting and entertaining... Continue Reading →

Why I Like Anime pt. 2

Woooo, look at me! I'm making another post because I've decided that 6 likes and 3 posts were enough to bring this post back. That, and I've checked a few animes off the "must watch" list, and added them to the "just watched" list. So on that note, let's dive back into this fun little... Continue Reading →

Anime Day- Why I like Anime

This is going to be a little unlike the usual posts I make. Instead of the self-help type of posts, I'm going to be explaining why I- someone who formerly disliked anime- switched my opinion and found myself falling in love head-over-heels so quickly with the genre. I'm also going to be elaborating a tad... Continue Reading →

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