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Have you ever wondered what would happen…

If you gave a Christian homeschooler a website, gave her a love for every creative outlet on planet earth, and designed her to have an insatiable curiosity to explore new things?

Expect the unexpected.

From random reviews, to creating block prints, making a toplist of writing tips, and everything in-between– joining Felicity won’t be a bore, that’s for sure!


Finding joy in the little things.

A lot of blogs stick to one category, and that’s it– but sticking to one category for me would be waaaaay too suffocating for me. There’s a lot of good and beauty to be noticed and acknowledged in a lot of different places, and it’d be a shame not to celebrate it just because it’s “not what my blog is about.”

Support a small artist–

I happen to be a freelance artist who plans on launching a RedBubble shop soon! If you’re interested in my work, it’d be cool if you could stick around long enough to support me when my shop goes live.

I’m also going to be releasing more short stories in the near future!

…the string lights twinkled lazily in the background, casting a cozy glow in the room.

She smiled at the sight.

“I think I’m going to love it here,” she hummed, throwing her book bag into a corner.


Care to join me?

Come, and let me adopt you. I’ll miss you if you don’t stay!

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