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NaNoWriMo Virus

(graphic made by Erin Morgenstern) GUESS WHO'S GOT THE NANANANNANANNANANANANANANANO batman VIRUS? I do! bonus points for anyone who actually sung that in their head or out loud Symptoms include: Sleepless nights, bags under eyes, obscene consumption of candy, butchered grammar, gaining... Continue Reading →


Reason Why- Life Updates

Some of you may have noticed that I was missing a post yesterday. For those of you who try to keep track and visit my blog regularly, anyway. That was because of NaNoWriMo. (National Novel Writing Month) Well I am... Continue Reading →

Editorial Review: Deserving Good

Title: Deserving Good: Getting to Know Your Real Self and Live a More Fulfilling Life Author: Leora Zairi Genre: Self-Help This short self-help work by Leora Zairi provides gentle guidance towards self-awareness and transforming one’s life for the good. Focused primarily on knowing... Continue Reading →

The Benefits Of Co-Writing

you get to go crazy together Hello! And welcome back to the wonderfully, weird corner of the internet. YO GIRL IS BACK WITH A WRITING POST what is this sorcery  So before I jump into this headfirst, there's been some general... Continue Reading →

World-Wide Hello

So I just recently poked around into my blog stats seriously for the first time- And I was blown away from how many visitors I've had from all over the world to my blog. The majority of you come from... Continue Reading →

Horrid Hisoka- Original Track

For those of you who haven't watched a lot of anime, haven't read my anime posts, or just don't know Hunter X Hunter in particular- Hisoka is my favorite character from Hunter X Hunter and possibly one of my favorite... Continue Reading →


We now interrupt your scheduled programming to bring you an impromptu important message: There was a lot happening this weekend for me, so I'm afraid that I must reschedule the Sunday post. But do not fret! Wipe those tears away... Continue Reading →

Graphictober- Ingenious Development pt. 2

Hey! Would you look at that? -I was prepared this time! And I have a sneak peak of my new graphic novel for you guys.   Woah. That was quite the explosive beginning, was it not? Are you not entertained? I... Continue Reading →

Yandere Simulator Drawing- Nearly 1 Year Benchmark

It's almost been 1 YEAR since I first started this blog. Where did the time go? To celebrate this little benchmark, I redrew an old entry during the Nemesis art contest that Yandere Dev put up on his blog. Here's the... Continue Reading →

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