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MBTI Test: Reliable, or Hogwash?

There's this really pretty popular little test on the internet that you might've heard of once or twice, called the Myers-Briggs Personality Test Indicator. And it's been getting some flack from all over the internet. I've looked up a few articles on... Continue Reading →

Top 6 Songs That’ll Give You Goosebumps

If you're here for an emotional roller coaster ride, you're going to get it- 'cause today, I'm coming out of hiding to give you 6 songs that'll give you chills. I'm leaving links to the videos that can be found... Continue Reading →

A Writer’s Quick-Guide to Developing Your Story

Well... I have not been active. Take this post as a token of my forgiveness. I have a few meatier posts that have been waiting in the wings as I develop them, so there's that excuse. Anyway, here's a little... Continue Reading →

The Dos and Don’ts of Dialogue Tags

by Ryan Lanz Writers use dialogue tags constantly. In fact, we use them so often that readers all but gloss over them. They should be invisible. However, there are ways to misuse them and make them stand out. In an... Continue Reading →

College and the Fear of Failing

One of my close internet friends had just made a post about the fear of failing and college on her blog (Click to read here), and it got me thinking about a few things. So I just kinda wanted to... Continue Reading →

Why I Like Anime pt. 2

Woooo, look at me! I'm making another post because I've decided that 6 likes and 3 posts were enough to bring this post back. That, and I've checked a few animes off the "must watch" list, and added them to... Continue Reading →

5 Tips to Make You a Better Writer Instantly

Hey guys! I'm back again with my self-help posts, and this time I'm going to tell you you how to become a better writer instantly. I know it sounds like one of those bad "get-rich-quick" gimmicks that you find in... Continue Reading →

Picking a Name- HELP?

Hey guys! I've been kinda M.I.A for awhile, but I'm back- and I need your help! I've been dabbling in making music for a couple of months, and since I love it so much, I'm starting to think that I... Continue Reading →

Random Thoughts Of A Random Teen

When I was 11, I remember vividly wishing that I was older and that being 16 was so far off into the future. I look back at that now, and I scream at my younger self to take it back.... Continue Reading →

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