I Was Attacked By A Dog (+ Life Updates)

Hi guys! Who here forgot that this blog was a thing? *raises hand slowly up in the air* If you didn't raise your hand, you're a very kind person but probably an awful liar. LOL. So I've been having some pretty awesome things happen in life. Friends have actually been talking and hanging out with... Continue Reading →


No More Ideas (+Art Showcase, etc.)

Being busy and blogging does not go well together. I will say, though, that the reason that I've been busy is great. Hanging out with friends is always a good reason why to be busy. Anywayyyyy- Hi! It's been awhile. I don't dare to look at the date of my last post because I know... Continue Reading →

In Defiance of the Visible

YAY. I love people! There's nothing that can make me Happier than when someone smiles!   I need to get out of this crowd. I need out. All of these people are smothering, And I'm being treated like a ghost anyway- Who would care if I left?     Sunny days are, like, the best... Continue Reading →

3 Lies The Internet Believes About Extroverts

Very much inspired by my friends over at Zoelogist and The Sea Calls Us Home. I absolutely love you guys. ;D   As we all know, the introverts have begun to dominate the internet. Anonymous support groups have been made, consistent blog posts are created, and self-help courses have all been consumed by the introverted majority. Us extroverts have... Continue Reading →

Until I Wake

There is swearing in this story. Ye have been warned. Chosen to stay? SWEET. For a bonus, click on this link to take you to a music video that'll make your reading experience 1,000x more awesome. _____________________________   Heart thumped loudly in his chest, almost ringing in the ears. A thud of footsteps along the... Continue Reading →

Different Types Of Friends

I've started to notice that as you get older, there's a couple of types of friends that you make over the course of your life. I think this topic has been beaten like the dead horse over there in the metaphoric corner in the room- especially if you look this title up on YouTube- but... Continue Reading →

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