Why I Like Anime pt. 2

Woooo, look at me! I’m making another post because I’ve decided that 6 likes and 3 posts were enough to bring this post back. That, and I’ve checked a few animes off the “must watch” list, and added them to the “just watched” list.

So on that note, let’s dive back into this fun little world once more. ūüėÄ


1. They’re Genuinely Funny.

There’s nothing quite like the humor in OnePunch Man and Ouran High School Host Club– and the best part is that there’s just something about anime that makes these jokes possible to pull off. So along with the screaming chibi visuals, it’s hard not to find an episode that won’t have a ¬†wisecrack to go along with it. One mental image that I can pull up right away in my head is in Black Butler when Sebastian has to wear a deer head as he’s saving his master to keep someone from recognizing him.



Still looking glamerous as ever even with a deer head on, Sebby Senpai.


       Above: Black Butler-

By day, the Earl Ciel Phantomhive is a guard dog for the Queen of England, and by night, a hunter searching for revenge on the people who tortured him and killed his parents. And to help him take revenge is his demon butler who he had made a contract with. (I swear this anime is more interesting than what I’m making it sound- I’m tired at the time I’m writing this)

        Opinions On Black Butler-

This was one of the first animes that I binged when I had decided to look into anime to watch. I found out that I had become addicted very quickly to this series when I did watch it. I will say that Black Butler handles some very dark themes as well as swearing, gore, and references to steamy situations. Sebby gets it¬†on¬†with a nun¬†and seduces another character for information later in the third season. You don’t see anything, but I think it goes without saying that you probably shouldn’t be sitting down with little Bobby and Sally or Gramma and Grampa as you watch this.


2. Some Of The Plots Are Fantastic.

Everybody who has seen my previous anime post, you’ll know about the glowing review I gave on Death Note. Well I just can’t help myself when I see a great plotline, and that’s what that was. Another great one that’s been making it’s way around pop culture is Attack On Titan. I finally found out what made it so intersting. It had a very clear plotline and a enjoyable, cliche, but enjoyable twist to the series. There was never a dull moment where I had to make myself hang in there until a energetic episode *cough*UnlikeTokyoGhoul*cough* came along and woke me up from my daze. A few other interesting concepts that anime has brought to our screens is an Assassination Classroom (seriously- that’s the name of it) which is taught by a yellow happy emoji faced octopus, a video game where you can get sucked into the virtual reality and actually die within the game (Sword Art Online or an arc from Hunter X Hunter), and Hetalia where real countries are personified as people and show the relations between each other through the years.



  Attack On Titan: The only anime where the tall, the muscular, and the freakishly strong are actually feared.


           Above: Attack On Titan-

Humanity has almost nearly been wiped out by Titans that first appeared a hundred years ago, resorting to three thick walls to hide and preserve themselves from the cannibalistic Titans. Until one day an Armoured Titan broke through the outermost wall, Wall Maria. The story follows a boy named Eren Yeager whose mom was eaten during the Titan attack on Wall Maria and trains to to fight and kill the monsters that killed his mother. But what happens when you become the very thing you’re trying to kill?

         Opinions on Attack On Titan-

I was hooked from episode 1. I was immediately introduced to an interesting character that I could kinda get behind, and then when I saw the Titan break through Wall Maria, my blood was pumping and went on an adrenaline rush. I was right there and freaking out with the characters. They also directed the anime to where I wasn’t bored during the calmer story building sub-plots. There was always something going on and happening, even when there wasn’t a Titan popping out from somewhere and pulling a “SUPRIZE, MOTHER TRUCKER!” to give you a heart attack. (my apologies if I gave you one myself)

The characters swear occasionally, show partial nudity, and there’s blood. Lots and lots of blood. My gosh, the blood. But for those of you who aren’t phased by blood and were worried about the partial nudity, there’s not too much to worry about since all the nakyness comes from the Titans frolicking around in their birthday suit and the Titans can’t reproduce that way, so there’s nothing to show. And the one Titan that could potentially be a problem if she had skin WASN’T¬† because her bones and muscles were exposed, which, at least in my mind, makes it better because it reminds me more of those mannequins that you can find in science class.


3. You easily get lost in the storylines.

Under normal circumstances, I would usually think that this point would be one in the same with 2. But this is not quite the case… or, at least it is with me. Even the animes that I didn’t really care for at first sucked me in and refused to let me go until my mother told me that I needed to do something else or I nodded off the sleep with my tablet in my hands at night. Also being a recently converted otaku, the surrealism threw me off for awhile. When I was getting used to Pokemon I was the person screaming at the screen, “THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY A HUMAN CAN JUMP THAT HIGH!” as 12 and 10 year olds jump for a 6ft. high tree branch. (which is 182 centimeters for those of who are more familiar with the metric system)

Now I’m numb to it. A brother breaking glass to jump from a second story building to save their little sister from a cat that was only hissing at her? No biggie! Not even a scratch! Logic and physics are only suggestions in anime.

(^ that was actually a real scene from Ouran High School Host Club, and it was hilarious to look at the replies in the comment section on Youtube about it)



OHSHC: An anime where other characters are just as confused if the main character is a boy or a girl.


           Above: Ouran High School Host Club-

Haruhi is an honor student who made it to Ouran High School- one of the most prestigious high schools around and playground of the super rich. Haruhi was looking for a quiet place to study, when suddenly, she stumbled across The Host Club and into their 8,000,000 Yen priced vase. She then falls into debt of the Host Club and has to work as a Host and entertain the ladies as a male to pay everything off.

         Opinions on Ouran High School Host Club-

So one thing that I feel like I have to clear up before someone gets a horrible picture in their head is that The Host Club of Ouran High School is a club of guys that charm and entertain girls after school, meaning that they only talk and spend time with young ladies to make them happy. But not inappropriate things. They only really host crazy expensive themed parties and put on costumes for girls to come and fangirl over them.

That being said, there are a few parts that made me raise an eyebrow- such like the awkward scene between a certain host member and the main character later on in the season, the homosexual theme heavily sprinkled throughout the show, and that very weird relationship between a pair of twins. Like the brotherly love is borderline incesty. It’s somewhat difficult to take them seriously though when they joke about it and explain how they know it’s their allure to other girls.

There’s also light swearing here and there. Haruhi will make comments along the lines of “Dadgum rich people,” and “No way in heck, Senpai,” every so often. And because of this, I have yet to find a character that I can relate more with.

All in all? Between the fourth wall breaking, humor, relatability, and surrealism, it’s adorable! It’s one of the very few shows that I’ve listened to both sub and dubbed version and will play it as background noise as I work on other things. I’d say that you should add it to your “watch later” list of you haven’t already and if the things that I brought up don’t bother you at all.


So thank you for showing this enough interest to make this into a part two! Thanks for sticking around to read the end of my post!



~Felicity Annora






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