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Bonjour! I welcome you to my About Page!

If you were looking for an amazing personal story here that made me want to start this blog, you’re not going to find it. I just wanted to start my blog for the sake of entertaining people while sharing information, sharing my own personal thoughts for anyone who wants to listen, and to keep up with my friends’ blogs.

I put on my pants three legs at a time and I eat my cereal with milk poured in first- so I can’t say I’m a super interesting person. Because that’s perfectly normal. But I hope that I’m at least enjoyable for a few people out there with my sense of humor and love for learning as we laugh.

Thanks for reading!

O T H E R    I N F O    A B O U T    M E :

Christian – Homeschooled – Teenager – ENFP – Contributing author to Whimsical Wordsmiths – lover of anime – learner of languages – enjoyer of cultures – liker of people – artist – writer – musician – singer – optimist – Type 7 and Type 2 of the RHETI test –


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