About Felicity

Loves tea. ENFP, Enneagram type 2w3, Jesus freak. Homeschooled, and proud of it! You can find me attempting to snuggle with my fat orange and white kitty at home.
What I am
Freelance artist
Blog writer
Creative writer
Avid language learner

    Howdy! I’m Felicity.

    Growing up, I always had a love for the arts– or basically, anything that piqued my interest that day. You could always find me singing, drawing, and writing stories. Art was my specialty, though. In fact, I loved it so much that I had begun drawing nearly every single day for years to come!

      Not too long after that, I had gotten involved with a youth group. They had summer camp coming up, and I wanted to go with them– but what was a girl to do without the money to go? So, in order to pave my way to camp, I started getting paid for my artwork by doing commissions for people. I’ve barely ever looked back since then!


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