About Felicity


Well, HELLOOO there- welcome to my autobiography my about me page!

I’m a homeschooled youngster from the states that has a laundry list of things that I enjoy, but not having a lot of time to do them in.

Part of which this list includes:

Inhaling mint and chocolate foods (’cause who has time to chew anymore?), making strings vibrate in a harmonious way, creating worlds and people and letting them explore the confines of their paper world, and making those people or places come to life by letting my hand and my trusty pencil let you see what I see inside my squish brain.

Hey, real quick- let me let you in on a little secret of mine.

This WordPress account of mine actually started out just purely because I wanted to follow my friend’s blogs. Kindof a boring back story, right? But something changed. Every time I go outside, I see people getting so caught up in their own little world that they can’t stop to appreciate the little things around them.

I think that the one of the keys to feeling joy is being in an constant awe of everything and finding little ways to celebrate that feeling.


canva-photo-editor (33)
I want you to start looking at life like this girl is looking at this bird- a fun experience. 😀 (that occasionally poops on your car, which is slightly less fun. BUT NOT THE POINT I’M TRYING TO MAKE HERE)


And I want you to start feeling that exact same way.

This blog is where I like to celebrate different works of creativity, tell a few stories from time to time, and share some information that I’ve gathered so far so you can better yourself. (And not repeat my same mistakes)

My goal here is to make you feel like a part of a family and hopefully act as an online retreat from your hectic life. And it’s a total bonus if I manage to make you laugh along the way.


So, let’s wander around a bit an enjoy ourselves-

Things are always much more exciting when it’s done with a community! 😀


~Felicity Annora




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