Death Note Theory 2: L IS ALIVE!

Hey guys! We're back again with an update to the original Death Note theory I had written before. Let's jump right in, and spill some sugary tea- just the way L likes it.   Why the update??? Someone awesome named Josie Lou in my comment section connected a few dots, and added to my base theory in... Continue Reading →

I Might Be Addicted . . . (To My Friend’s Art)

When I got a Twitter account, I had no idea that it would be so easy to make friends. And the amount of pure and raw talent that the artists showcase there.   So earlier this year, I followed a Youtuber account- and someone had made a fanart piece for them. I followed them and... Continue Reading →

A Writer’s Path Writer’s Club

Hello everyone! A fellow blogger of A Writer's Path, Ryan Lanz, has announced the launch of his new initiative: A Writer’s Path Writers Club. After looking at the writing market for years, he noticed a need for a Writers Club of this kind. Sure, there are Facebook groups, writers groups, etc., but there aren’t many associations that are... Continue Reading →

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