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Hi! Are you new here, and you don’t know where to start? Here are some of my most popular posts here on my blog or as guest posts on other’s blogs. 😀 (they might not LOOK popular by the lack of likes, but boi- I have over 100 views on some of these posts and almost 1,000 on “The 10 Artsy Youtubers” one)

After you’re done here, I really recommend sticking around to browse the tags or home button for another post that you might like. Totally not trying to make you stay longer. Like at all.


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Where I pretend I'm not actually Smaug

So It Is (Re)Written

from concepts to final drafts - and everything in-between

Art of Annastacia Henry-Ramos

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My Myopic Heart

An impatient 20-something learning to embrace life, her low-funtioning sociopathic dog, and a budget.

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