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Art Tracing- Is It A Sin, Or Okay?

Any type of tracing has been considered a sin in the art community for as long as the idea of tracing was a thing. But recently, it's come under debate- both arguments for and against it has been popping up... Continue Reading →


Don’t Kiss Rock Walls and Towel Racks Presents: Scar Stories

*clears throat* WANNA KNOW HOW I GOT THESE SCARRRSSSS? ... Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I just recently saw a post from my friend Ruby Sky talking about her avacado war wound, and I just realized how much fun talking... Continue Reading →

Little Life Updates + I Touched A Raccoon Storytime

I think blogs that are about life or about stuff in general should have a post or two about the little everyday things. Not everyday is full of raccoons hiding under cars lying in wait to poke you. And yes,... Continue Reading →

Poison Ivy and Fungal Infections

As you can tell from the title of this post, I've been having boatloads of fun lately. And the best part is that I have them at the same time. Yippie. So welcome back to me! It's been a busy past... Continue Reading →

Death Note Theory: Is L POSSIBLY Alive?

I hope to god my viewers are familiar with Death Note lore, because this post will be FULL of spoilers. Heck, this title is a spoiler in itself. Anyway- let's dive in!   Meet Beyond Birthday: A Psychotic Doppleganger Of... Continue Reading →

Creepypasta: Only On Second Glance

I grew up in the city where it was busy, bustling, and full of noise. But my mother and I always went regularly to visit family who lived out in the country when I was around 8 and 9 years... Continue Reading →

How To Deal With Prank Callers For Good

Just having got some of my first experiences with prank phone callers recently, I thought that this would be too great of an idea to NOT turn into a post. So today, I'll  be telling you on some of the... Continue Reading →

MBTI Test: Reliable, or Hogwash?

There's this really pretty popular little test on the internet that you might've heard of once or twice, called the Myers-Briggs Personality Test Indicator. And it's been getting some flack from all over the internet. I've looked up a few articles on... Continue Reading →

Top 6 Songs That’ll Give You Goosebumps

If you're here for an emotional roller coaster ride, you're going to get it- 'cause today, I'm coming out of hiding to give you 6 songs that'll give you chills. I'm leaving links to the videos that can be found... Continue Reading →

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