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5 Tips to Make You a Better Writer Instantly

Hey guys! I'm back again with my self-help posts, and this time I'm going to tell you you how to become a better writer instantly. I know it sounds like one of those bad "get-rich-quick" gimmicks that you find in... Continue Reading →

Picking a Name- HELP?

Hey guys! I've been kinda M.I.A for awhile, but I'm back- and I need your help! I've been dabbling in making music for a couple of months, and since I love it so much, I'm starting to think that I... Continue Reading →

Random Thoughts Of A Random Teen

When I was 11, I remember vividly wishing that I was older and that being 16 was so far off into the future. I look back at that now, and I scream at my younger self to take it back.... Continue Reading →

Anime Day- Why I like Anime

This is going to be a little unlike the usual posts I make. Instead of the self-help type of posts, I'm going to be explaining why I- someone who formerly disliked anime- switched my opinion and found myself falling in... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year! -Stickin’ with those resolutions

Old has gone, and the new has come- how exciting! People write down their resolutions, start going to the gym again, and renew their efforts to try to be a better person than what they were the year before. All... Continue Reading →

A Not So Merry Christmas?

Christmas is right around the corner. Families will be coming together, fathers will be grumping about the Christmas lights outside the house, mothers will be baking, and children will refuse to go to bed just to see if they can... Continue Reading →

Nemesis Contest Update

  Yknow that one post I made about entering the the Yandere Simulator Nemesis art contest? Well, I didn't win or get an honorable mention. I can't really say that I'm surprized since I couldn't add the amount of details... Continue Reading →

The Passion To Travel- Places That I Personally Want To Go To

It seems like more and more people nowadays are starting to get the traveling bug. As for me, I have a traveling bug infestation. I'm itching to go see the world and experience new things. (Doesn't that sentence go wonderfully... Continue Reading →

Yandere Simulator- Nemesis Art Contest

For those of you who enjoy Yandere Simulator or who are investigating anything Yandere Simulator related to see what the fuss is all about, there's an art contest running on Yandere Dev's game development blog right at the moment which I decided... Continue Reading →

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