Random Thoughts of a Young 20-Something Woman

I'm sore from working out, but I'm also sore from sitting on my butt all day. I want to do something else with my time other than watching YouTube videos because it just feels so wasteful-- but I'm so tired and stressed that I just want to take a nap right now or zone out.... Continue Reading →

Random Thoughts Of A Random Teen Part 2

The Romans used to pay the soldiers in salt (which is where we get the saying "the man's worth his salt").  But nowadays, we just use salt to keep roads from getting too icy in the winter and make home decorations out of it. (I'm looking at you, pink Himalayan salt lamps). That's quite the... Continue Reading →

In Defiance of the Visible

YAY. I love people! There's nothing that can make me Happier than when someone smiles!   I need to get out of this crowd. I need out. All of these people are smothering, And I'm being treated like a ghost anyway- Who would care if I left?     Sunny days are, like, the best... Continue Reading →

3 Lies The Internet Believes About Extroverts

Very much inspired by my friends over at Zoelogist and The Sea Calls Us Home. I absolutely love you guys. ;D   As we all know, the introverts have begun to dominate the internet. Anonymous support groups have been made, consistent blog posts are created, and self-help courses have all been consumed by the introverted majority. Us extroverts have... Continue Reading →

Rant: My Problem With PicMonkey

Once upon a time in a land faraway, There lived a younger girl who would edit all day. But now? No way. Not with PicMonkey, at least. Why? Because of the recent-ish update that PicMonkey made, you can no longer save your work without paying for a membership.     I used to LOVE PicMonkey.... Continue Reading →

Not Like The Movies- Merperson Anatomy

Little Mermaid. Aquamarine. Almost every freaking movie that has mermaids in it- What do they all have in common? Terrible mermaid anatomy. Let me explain my reasoning behind this statement. As I was derping around on the internet, I bumped into this band that plays entirely underwater (Between Music's Breaking The Surface). And besides wondering... Continue Reading →

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