Unrivaled Love- Poetry

I hear these harsh accusations flung at Me,  and My heart is tortured.

Some say,  “If you’re so great, why didn’t everything go right at the start?  Something’s flawed!”

Let me ask you this:  Is “love” truly love if forced?  Love only abounds where free will is present. 

A civilian cannot love their tyrannical dictator as a gun points at their head.  That love is a fraud.



So to love and be loved,  I’ve given the choice of free will.

Free will encompasses to choose what I know is best for you,  and what flesh thinks you’d like.

Unfortunately,  fleshly desires have always been corrupt– only good resides in Me. 

It is not Me who is flawed,  but the choice to step outside of Me is when flaws spike.



Please, come!  Taste and see that I am good–  to understand what “loved and adored” feels like.

Some of you have only experienced what My ‘love’ is through wounded people.

My real love is incorruptible,  tender,  forgiving,  limitless,  passionate,  and tailored to you. 

I’ll level mountains,  and set fire to the sea–  My love doesn’t stay in the lofty church steeples.






I assure you that I give you My best.

My hands are strong,

My grace is stronger,

And My love is strongest.






You are beautiful like a gem,  My dearest-

Gleaming,  radiant as the sun.

I gave everything that was precious to be with you,

Case in point,  My errorless Son.



Where are you hiding,  My love?

Come and tell Me,  so I can come fetch you.

If you’re hiding because of something you’ve done,

I knew.



I knew before you did or partnered with what breaks My heart,

And I’ve pacified the wrath of sin already.

Please–  answer Me as I’m calling out,

I can be your shelter,  your steady.



As a stream can’t flow apart from its source,

And a branch can’t grow apart from its vine,

Living,  growing,  and thriving without Me is impossible.

Death will come if you don’t confide in Me,  and take part of the King’s wine.



You cry at Me,  “How are you a good and loving father?

I don’t understand it!

If you are good,  why is there evil?

I’m stuck in a ditch,  a valley,  a bottomless pit!”



To that,  I answer you gently,

“My loved one,  My royalty–  if I had My way,  it would be completely different.

I would walk with you in flawless clarity,  whispering to you My unfailing devotion.

Death,  evil,  and decay was never My idea or intent.”



Perversion came and ruined perfection.

But don’t despair–  I knew of what could happen,  and designed something infinitely better.

Your enemy might rise against you,  calling for your just punishment day and night;

But I’ll remind you I AM the judge,  and that I can clothe you in love and mercy’s sweater.



I’ll be your shepherd,  you can trust in Me when others fail–  this pit you’re in hasn’t fazed or surprised Me.

Can you lean on Me,  My sweetest?  Will you believe Me,  My companion?

I’ve created you in such a way where we can redeem these pitfalls together,  and faith is the key.



Right around the middle of December, I had something stirring in my heart. I watched a couple of YouTube videos on poetry, and something completely devoured me and screamed in my head like a war-cry: “DO. THE. THING.”

So I started typing like my keyboard was on fire. And I didn’t stop until I had about half of what you saw in this post.

I took heavy inspiration from Song of Solomon, Psalms, and 1 Corinthians chapter 13. If you spot any weird or wonky theology, let me know, and I’ll take notes and maybe change or edit it in the future.

Let me know what was your favorite line and why!


Thanks for reading to the end of my post!

-Felicity Annora 

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