Death Note Theory 2: L IS ALIVE!

Hey guys! We’re back again with an update to the original Death Note theory I had written before.

Let’s jump right in, and spill some sugary tea- just the way L likes it.


Why the update???

Someone awesome named Josie Lou in my comment section connected a few dots, and added to my base theory in the last post. They just about covered every plot hole that I originally laid out for all of you at the end.

I was so doggone impressed.

And if it adds credibility to L being alive, y’all KNOW I have to share it with you guys.


I’m too lazy to click or tap on the link above. What’s the first theory about?

First of all- L would be annoyed with you, you lazy Matsuda, you. because guilt tripping you will help you click on the link provided, right?

But like no, seriously- go to this link please.. The whole post doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to read all the way through.

If you still can’t be bothered to look GUILT INTENSIFIES, here is a grossly simplified rundown of the first base theory:


  • Beyond Birthday (referred to as BB from now on), rumored to be L’s doppleganger, and supposed to be L’s first successor.
  • BB said “Seeya later, suckers-” and went to go be a homicidal manic in L.A.
  • Naomi Misori caught BB before he could burn himself alive.
  • It’s stated in the fan wiki of Death Note Another Note: Los Angeles BB Murder cases that BB dies by a mysterious heart attack in jail.

Base Theory:

  • L recognizes BB’s intelligence, and doesn’t want him to die in jail. He adopts BB as his ally to work closely with him under a tight leash.
  • Enter Kira case: They both became aware of how the Death Note worked. BB legally changes his name to L Lawliet.
  • Since BB is SUPPOSED to be in jail, they write his death off as a mysterious heart attack to avoid further suspicion.
  • BB dies in L’s place.
  • L continues to live on, adopting Near as his new successor- continuing to eat strawberry cake somewhere.


What’s the problem with the first theory? Seems solid to me.

Well, if you did visit the past post- you’ll know why there are a couple of problems to my first theory.

  1. Why would L keep an unstable serial killer by his side?
  2. If it was ALL BB that we saw of during the Kira case, then he seems more composed than a serial killer would be.
  3. If that was also all BB during the Kira case, then he seems to have shared a bond between him and Watari that only L would’ve had.

And this is where Josie Lou comes in! They explain everything pretty much perfectly, so I’ll let them do the talking.


Something Was Off With L: Watari & L’s Bond.

I believe that after the Yamanote arc, when L fully understood the Death Note, then he switched places with BB and forced him to legally change his name to L Lawliet. So it would be more believable that BB was really L.

He also felt just a little off after the Yamanote arc, so that might explain it. I can’t put my finger on just what was odd, though. Also, the definitely could have been switching places whenever they were working on the investigation or not.

When they weren’t, L probably figured it was safe enough to switch back so he could keep a close eye on Light.

A very, very close eye.

It would explain why Watari also seemed to have a friendly bond with L, because it really was him most of the time. It would also explain why L was hearing bells all day, because he knew his friend/fellow Whammy kid was in danger and probably guessed he was going to die soon. I don’t think BB would have been the one hearing the bells because it showed L and Watari standing at a funeral or something and I doubt he did that with BB.

Why BB Might Be Stable/Composed:

I think BB could definitely have been as composed and stable as he appeared to be because of medicine and therapy. That was really what he needed to avoid going insane in the first place, and L figured that would also help Light.

When it was time to get back to the case after L got the call, he sent in BB so he could be safe and perhaps watch from the shadows. It would also explain why L seemed to eat less strawberry cake as time went on. Towards the end of his screen time, he seemed to be eating less cake and more finger food sweets like macaroons and the panda crackers.

The only thing wrong with this is that I would think BB would be scarfing down jam- I don’t know if this is canon, but I heard his food fetish was strawberry jam. But it would make sense if Watari banned it since this strange eating habit might give him away.

I actually looked it up, and it said on the Beyond Birthday wiki page that it does look like he loves his strawberry jam.

He’s seen eating straight outta the jar with his hands, and he stashed jars of the stuff in his victim’s fridge.

I think it’s safe to say he has cravings for it.

Honestly, I don’t think of this as a huge speed bump in the theory. Like Josie said- he could’ve been banned from eating jam, and really… they’re both sweet strawberry flavored foods. BB could’ve easily have smothered his cake in strawberry jam, and gotten away with it just fine, I think.


Shinigami Eyes Bonus:

Also, if you didn’t look at the past post, you might be surprised to hear that BB was born with Shinigami eyes.

I did some research into the subject- and it turns out that it doesn’t completely ruin the theory. There’s literally nothing that would conflict with the canon plot of the manga, anime, or LA murder case story.

In fact, it kinda helps the theory. How else does L catch on so quickly that all Second Kira needed was a face to kill someone? The only issue I had was that if L knew about the Shinigami stuff before hand, his reaction to the word “Shinigami” seemed a little over the top.

But our friend Josie has us covered.

Also, I believe that BB explained his Shinigami Eyes to L, which is why he freaked out when he heard that word used to describe an object or living thing.


Also, I think L isn’t exactly relaxed when it comes to morals, it’s just that everything is black and white. I strongly believe L, and possibly BB, were autistic. That would contribute to BB cracking under pressure and going insane, turning into a serial killer.

L didn’t think his methods were wrong, because he had his own set of rules in his mind. Good or bad, never mind legal or right. He also didn’t exactly understand how other people worked, and didn’t realize they felt he was invading their privacy.

Back to the day L was hearing bells, it probably really was L in the rain that talked to Light, and dried his feet as a symbol of understanding and forgiveness. He understood how too much pressure on the mind could make a person go insane, and he wanted to help Light with his mental sickness and keep being lov- ahem, I mean friends.

When Light was dying, he actually saw BB’s ghost. I don’t really know if he was there just to enjoy watching him die, to mock him, or to try to take him down to hell with him. But I really hope BB didn’t go there he can’t help what Whammy’s did to him.


The End- Wrapping This Theory Up.

Which brings us to the end of our theory today-

The reason why L pulled all of this off.

Both Josie and I agreed that it was to test his top 3 successors (BB, Near, and Mellow) as well as to lie low until Light was convicted.


So yup- that brings this theory to a conclusion! A big shout out to Josie Lou for taking an interest in the original theory and refining it to near perfection.

(LOL- get it? Gosh, I love puns.)

What do you guys think of the new theory? Does it help you to believe that L is still nomming on cake even more, or do you think that the theory isn’t plausible? Let me know your thoughts below!


Thanks for reading to the end of the post!

~Felicity Annora

9 thoughts on “Death Note Theory 2: L IS ALIVE!

Add yours

  1. *Squeals* This is absolutely amazaaahhh! Thank you so much for giving me credit and using my direct words. You are so sweet! Although, I feel bad I left some grammar mistakes in there since I was in a hurry. *nervous laugh* Reading this really whet my appetite for some more L lovin’ so I’ll be off looking at memes and spending time with our favorite wet future diabetic insomniac autistic sweet tooth phycotic genius detective. XD

    Liked by 2 people

    1. AHhhhhhhh! Thank you and you’re welcome! It’s alright- you already cut down my work by a few hours with the comment that you posted. A few grammatical errors don’t phase me- I just find the immediate errors that catches my eye and tweak it a bit.

      YESSSSS. Doing this post again makes me want to sit down to draw him again. Depending, I might or might not make a post out of it if i like the way it turns out. 😀


      1. please do, I’m sure anything you draw would be great. Btw I just noticed we’re in different time zones or something so that’s why my computer has been saying you’re posting at four in the morning. And I’d just like to say that pun at the end was pure gold.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Okay, because my computer is saying I was posting at 4 in the morning too- and I knew for a fact that I had made one of my comments around 9pm. Something must be up. XD

        Thank you! I love puns. I may not always laugh at puns, but they do tickle my fancy. 😀 Are you on Pinterest, Twitter, or Deviant art?


    1. That’s part of my theory- L and Watari edited the documents to make it LOOK like BB died in his cell. They got nervous because if Light Yagami ever found out that BB was alive, he would start to suspect that the pretending BB wasn’t actually the real L.


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