How to say “Merry Christmas,” but it’s unique

I’m getting older.




And with each passing Christmas, I’m making at least 8+ cards a year now.

To put it simply- I’m bored of writing “Merry Christmas.”

But I ain’t politically correct, either. And saying “Happy Holidays” in a conservative Christian household is basically a new way of coming out as athiest to your family.

So it’s time to dust off my thinking cap and bat away the cobwebs on my creativity; here are a few opening lines that you can expect to see on future Christmas cards from me.



Merry gathering of God’s people!

Merry special Catholic day!

Merry I got another ugly sweater from Aunt Marlene day!

Merry presents day!

Merry “I tried to remember what to get you, but couldn’t, so I got you anything,” day!

Merry Santa is not the reason for the season day!

Merry Colonel Sanders day in Japan day! (KFC is the Japanese food staple for Christmas dinner)

Merry Manger!

Merry manger holding baby Jesus day!

Merry manger not holding baby Jesus until the day of Christmas day!

Merry good luck trying to explain how Jesus was born to Mary day!

Merry “You are not the baby daddy, Joseph!” day!

Merry TV specials day!

Merry “Suck it up adults, because there is no more magic and the world is cruel,” day!

Merry tradition day!

and finally- Mary labor day!



Do you see any greetings here that you’d LOVE to see on a card? Do you have any other fantastic openers that you’d like to see on a card?

Let me know in the comments below- I love seeing everyone get creative so that I can plagiarize borrow some ideas to help me come up with my own!


~Felicity Annora

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