Talent- Earned, or Born with It?

I had recently ran into a Youtube video where someone claimed that you couldn’t earn talent. You HAD to naturally be born with it in order for there to be any passion, soul, and emotion in your craft. And that got me thinking…

Is talent really something you need to be born with?


First things first, we need to clearly identify what talent is.

Talent: A natural aptitude or skill.

-Online dictionary


. . .

Well, that’s it! We have our answer! Time to go off and find another post to read, people!

*end credits roll, and the workers come out to sweep the nibblies of popcorn left on the floor by slobs who can’t aim their hands in the general direction of their mouths*


But no, really- I do want to talk to you a little bit about talent. Because I think there’s something else that we can add to that definition.

Was making the bed natural to you when you were younger? Is it now? Or maybe you didn’t drink coffee when you were 5 and 6 years old because your parents didn’t want you pinging off the walls like a pinball game. Do you drink coffee now? Is it unnatural when you can’t grab your favorite pick-me-up in the morning?

Talent can be created out of habit, and it’s refined by practice.

As much as I loved drawing when I was younger, I couldn’t draw people very well. I had passion for art but I had none of the skill. I didn’t have the talent.

Now drawing people comes as naturally as falling off of logs. I sneeze and the blots from the spray looks like an eye.

ew, gross. plus do you boast much?

What I’m saying is that it wasn’t natural before (in reference to having talent come naturally). But with some practice, I trained my hand and my eyes with muscle memory to create something that looks nice. So I disagree with the notion that you cannot learn a talent. It can be earned through hard work.


“Good job!” You say, directing your mouse or finger to tap or click onto the next article that catches your eye. “Good to know that!”


There’s more to talent than meets the eye. The Youtuber had mentioned “passion, emotion, and soul” earlier in the post. And that’s what I want to bring back to talk about.

Sure, you can teach yourself how to do the hokey pokey until it feels natural to break out into dance whenever polka music drifts by. That doesn’t mean that you have passion for it, though.

I personally believe that true enthusiasm for something can’t be learned.

You can see this best in jobs where numbers and creativity is involved. You can teach yourself to do your own taxes until you can do it in your sleep. But you can tell when the person dislikes what they’re doing if they’re sloppy or lazy in their work. Or if you’re in the arts, you start to procrastinate until it’s 7 months later and you haven’t touched your art supplies or your tools.

The difference is when you don’t have the passion to learn the talent. If you have the enthusiasm to work for something, than you can earn it.


Okay- feel free to click or tap on that article now. I would, however, very much appreciate if you could hang out here a little longer and dropped a like on the post to let me know you were here and left a comment to let me know your thoughts.

Do you think talent and passion is earned, or do you have to be born with them? 

Thanks for sticking around to the end of the post!

~Felicity Annora.


P.S. The featured image is my drawing!!! I recently got a digital art tablet. Super happy with it. Huion creates some nice sketching pads, even without the built-in screens. ♥



6 thoughts on “Talent- Earned, or Born with It?

Add yours

  1. Great drawing!

    And great words!

    Thank you for this post.

    Currently, I’m training to be a model for an art class. Months ago, I wouldn’t have believed a person if they’d told me that’s what I’d be doing at this point in time. But, I practice at it and practice at it, and hope that God takes care of the rest.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It’s good to see you around and hopping in the chat still. 😀 And you are very welcome. ❤

      That's wonderful! It sounds like you enjoy it- if it weren't for people like you, we artists would be drawing sad stick figures and calling them works of art. Can you imagine Da Vinci's work looking like twigs and misshapen figures? It's funny to think about what would happen if art models weren't a thing. XD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. “It’s good to see you around and hopping in the chat still.”

        It’s bloggers like you who keep me going. Thank you for inspiring me to share my thoughts. 🙂

        “That’s wonderful!”

        Thank you. 🙂 You’re right: Models are an important aspect of art.

        I’ve just been practicing by myself. When I actually get up in front of people, it’ll be a whole new experience. I’m nervous, but also excited.

        Keep making the world a better place through your art. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Firstly — that picture you drew on your digital art tablet is absolutely stunning!!! I love it… The hair is honestly my favorite. XD

    SECONDLY — I absolutely agree with everything you said. While I do agree that God gave each and every human bean a natural “gift” for a specific thing, I tend to think that whatever gift He gave us comes in the form of having a passion to pursue it. Like with writing — looking back at my previous works, I can’t help but cringe because of how awful they are. But because I just loved it SO much, I never stopped. I continued to do what I loved and was passionate about, and here I am today. Still learning, still improving, but (hopefully??) much better than I was back then.

    So yeah. I think everyone has a talent and a gift, but I think even having a natural talent won’t do you any good if you don’t continue to learn and improve your craft. Unless, of course, you’re Bob Ross. I’m pretty sure he absorbed all the creative talent and used it for himself….

    (Also this post was such an interesting read and I loved it and not ONCE was I trying to click away from your beautiful words. 💗💗💗💗)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you beanie child! ❤ I'm glad you liked the way this turned out… The hair was fun to draw. 😀

      And thank you! You bring up good points. I never really thought of it that way, but now that you phrased it like that, it makes perfect sense. 😀

      (I AM VERY PLEASED THAT YOU FOUND THIS POST INTERESTINGGG!) I was wondering slightly that if writing this post in a half sleepy daze was a good idea or not. And yesss. Clicking away was a questionable joke that usually comes off a bit weirdly on people. But will I stop making the jokes? Proooooooobably noooooot. XD


      1. The hair is epic. That is some seriously epic hair. 😂

        Oooh… LOOK AT ME MAKING SENSE!!! LOOK MA!!! I’m moving up in the world!!! (Seriously, though, I’m kinda shocked my random ramblings made sense. Aha.)

        And dude. Please don’t ever stop making the jokes. The jokes are what is physically keeping me alive. 💗💗💗💗💗

        Liked by 1 person

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