Random Thoughts Of A Random Teen Part 2

The Romans used to pay the soldiers in salt (which is where we get the saying “the man’s worth his salt”).  But nowadays, we just use salt to keep roads from getting too icy in the winter and make home decorations out of it. (I’m looking at you, pink Himalayan salt lamps). That’s quite the drop in value…

What’s the defintion of small talk, anyway?

Why is it that when I turn off the lights at night that’s when I want to get up and create something, and when the lights are on, that’s when I want to sleep?

If I had a dollar for every idea I had in my head at one time, I’d most likely be filthy rich and own a stable of horse zebras.

Poking yourself with one needle hurts or it’s uncomfortable, but poking yourself with multiple needles at once feels strangely satisfying.




it’s said that a lightbulb goes off then you have an idea and sparks fly when you hit it off well with someone. Does that mean when you brainstorm about someone you like, somewhere in the world there’s an electrical fire happening?

One of the worst feelings in the world is not knowing if you said something out loud or not. I don’t want to be rude and say it again if they heard me, but I also want to talk with them.

I’m not so sure if fast food is fast anymore because of the long wait in lines.

Wishing Nutella and ice cream for the entirety of the human population is a little like asking for world peace- and the great thing about this wish is that it’s actually somewhat doable. I mean, I’ve never heard of anyone wishing for someone’s death while nomming upon the chocolately-hazelnutty goodness of Nutella, or the delights of the icy lactose ridden treat. also maybe the reason why vegans and vegetarians have gotten a bad rep?

I think Tide should be a brand supported by everyone. Because now it’s the only brand that can boast that not only is it cleaning your laundry, but it’s cleaning the world of our stupidest young adults that should know better. *cough*TidePodChallenge*cough*

If you need bi-focals in your regular glasses to see up close and far away, wouldn’t that mean that you’re technically “six eyes?”

Live healthy, exercise, and control your portions- and you still die. The only difference between the two lifestyles is living a life of delicious unhealthy foods, and living a life where you’re less likely to die slowly and painfully.

If only people were as obsessed with making their personalities as pretty as they are with making their appearance pretty… we’d most likely be living in a whole new world.

I wish I didn’t have to sleep at night. Do you realize how much someone could accomplish within that amount of time? That’s over 100 cat videos I could watch every time I put my head on the pillow to sleep!

I really need to keep up with my diary. I’ve had a whole year’s worth of adventures happen to me in a 3 month time span. Also, while I’m still on the subject of diaries- It’s so annoying that I could keep a diary better when I was 10ish years old, and nothing really happened to me then. But now that all of the exciting things in my life has really begun to pick up speed, I have either 0 time to write in my diary or I’m not in the mood.

I no longer have any patience when it comes to getting sick. I could be doting to the people who are sick around me all day, but if it personally happens to me, I go berserk. AND WHY IS IT THAT ALL OF THE PRETTY SUNNY DAYS HAPPEN WHEN I GET SICK?




Hi, guys! Hope you enjoyed my Random Thoughts part 2! I ended up having some time to post since I got sick. Not super awesome, but hey- it brought you guys a post. XD

What are some of the things that you do when you’re sick? Or what are some of the things that float around in your head during the day? Are most of your thoughts practical, or verge on the whimsical?


Thanks so much for reading this post to the end!

~Felicity Annora

13 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Of A Random Teen Part 2

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  1. Haha! A great post, Felicity. Thank you for being you.

    Humor like this is just what I needed today.

    When I’m sick, I cocoon myself in blankets and wait to emerge as a healthy butterfly.

    That, and I swallow medicine coated in peanut butter, drink 7 Up, binge-watch TV, and sleep.

    I wish my mind was such an exciting place. Usually I just think about whatever is stressing me out at the time, or what I’ll do to relieve the stress. (Thoughts like: “What book will I read now?”)

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    1. Yay! Thank you for the compliment, and you’re welcome! 😀

      I’m glad I could brighten your day a little! ^_^

      When I’m sick, I end up complaining about how much I hate being sick and curl up in blankets if I’m not too hot. Though I will say that this is the first time I’m sick with my computer, so it’s made this a lot more bearable. I’ve been watching Studio Ghibli films for two days in a row and I feel like a happier camper. 😀

      “medicine coated in peanut butter” made me want to bust out laughing, but I couldn’t otherwise I’d cough up a lung. LOL. Are you a dog, or something? xD And when I was little, my parents would give me ginger ale to drink- so now I always assume ginger-ale with childhood memories. And I still surprisingly still like the pop, even though I really only had it when I was sick.

      Oooooh- okay. You’re definitely a more practical minded person. 😀 I can either be whimsy or practical, depending on my mood- but my autopilot is fantasy or “dreaming about the future” type of thoughts. It’s probably one of the reasons why I don’t have a lot of anxiety and why I lean more towards optimism. ^-^

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      1. I’m thinking of binge-watching Studio Ghibli films soon.

        Recently I got Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Castle in the Sky.

        Studio Ghibli always puts me in a good mood. 🙂

        Glad you are making the most of your circumstances.

        Which films have you watched?

        I always hated swallowing medicine, so my parents would do whatever they could to make it stay down. I was a very picky eater.

        And what a nice memory. I’m glad ginger ale has done so much good for you. I don’t drink ginger ale often. It’s been years. But now I want to try it again.

        I’m glad your thoughts bring you so much joy. 🙂 Thank you for sharing that joy with others. As the years go by, may the joy only increase.

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      2. I’ve heard so much about Howl’s Moving Castle. I really want to watch that one right after I pick up Your Name from our library, since a friend of mine who works over there recommended it to me.

        I’ve watched My neighbor Totoro, The secret life of arriety, and Spirited Away. The ones I watched these two days are The Wind Rises and Ponyo. I think my favorite so far is The Secret Life Of Arriety or The Wind Rises.

        Ah- okay. There was this one grape throat spray that we had for sore throats when me and my sister were little, and it was the bane of my existence. Always made our throats better… but I wasn’t sure if the end justified the means. xD

        I’m just thrilled out of my mind that I can make a positive influence on somebody! Happy to spread the joy around. ^-^ Thank you so much for your comments! They always make my day. ❤


  2. “If only people were as obsessed with making their personalities as pretty as they are with making their appearance pretty… we’d most likely be living in a whole new world.” Duuddeee… That’s true alright.

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  3. “I wish I didn’t have to sleep at night. Do you realize how much someone could accomplish within that amount of time?” I relate to this so much. #nightowlproblems
    All of these are wonderful observations. I cracked up at the “electrical fire” and Tide ones in particular. XD

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    1. Yessssss. I’m just getting tired that it seems like I don’t have a lot of hours in the day to do what I need to do. >.> And having night hours available to me would be amazing.

      Aw! Thank you so much! XD I was debating whether or not to put the Tide one out, so I’m glad to see people enjoy it and not hate it. XD


    1. Thank you! And yeah- it IS sad about the Tide pods.

      Green tea and lemon sweetened with honey is delish! I always have it when my throat is sore. I end up quarantining myself with a glass of water in my room when I’m sick, and I don’t come out until the only thing wrong with me is my cough.

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