Why I Don’t Like To Immediately Share Ideas

Saluations, my dearies-

Welcome to the self doubt and regret that is this blog post today.

So for those of you who remember, I tried creating a graphic novel for Inktober and NaNoWriMo combined. The graphic novel didn’t pan out that month- but I DID, however, win NaNoWriMo with the help and planning of a close friend who we tried to attempt with to co-write November.

The more I think about my graphic novel plot, the more frustrated I get.

Part of the reason why you don’t see more short stories from me- or even an ongoing story on my blog- is because I have issues with publishing my ideas.

Namely, whenever I start to set my mind on doing something and following it through- if I don’t thoroughly plan my creative works before hand, it ends up falling flat on its face. Meanwhile as I tried to cover up the fact that I even attempted it in the first place by grinning weirdly at you and half-heartedly throwing dirt over it to try to make you forget that there’s a half done project sitting alone in a dark and dirty corner in the recesses in my mind.

This happens to be one of the traits of the ENFP that I wish I didn’t have (for all of you out there who love the MBTI test).

And it almost happens EVERY SINGLE TIME I announce something publicly.

During the years of my youth, when I was a regular on Wattpad, I would throw a 100 million ideas out there- just trying to see what would be forgotten, and what would stick. Once I found something that my audience loved, though, I couldn’t keep up with it. Once I announced that an update was coming, my inspiration purchased train tickets and left my brain station. And now it’s coming back to haunt me.

I REALLY want to make this graphic novel happen. As I was working on it October, I started falling in love with creating the panels and Miguel (my cute little character you might remember from the preview).


canva-photo-editor (20)_LI.jpg


I WANT this to become a thing- it’s just that whenever I start trying to think of ways to make this comic come to life and become something near and dear to my heart, I get so disinterested and uninspired to where I want to scream or throw my computer at the nearest wall. As I look at my destruction with satisfaction, the tiny shards scattered on the floor

So please forgive me if you were interested in reading or looking more at the graphic novel. I realized that this is something that’s best not to be rushed or thrown out to the public willy-nilly.

Especially if I want to take the time to make my story actually good.

If I’m going to sink a lot of time and effort into this thing, then I’m determined to not waste it on an idea that I’m not willing to put my heart and soul into. This way, you’ll be able to depend on a good quality and well-thought-out storyline next time you see an update that includes pictures of my actual novel!

This doesn’t mean that I’m pulling down that old post or completely regretting my decision to attempt a graphic novel.

In fact, I’m pretty happy that I made the leap to try it out. Now I KNOW for a fact that I enjoy making panels and practicing my hand at drawing my characters from new and exciting angles. I’m more regretting the fact that I tried to nail down the plot of my novel even when I knew that it was in flux and it was more than probable that I was going to make significant changes to it along the way.


And on a completely unrelated note- Happy New Year! Somewhat disappointed that I didn’t start out the year with a bang or a more cheery post- but oh well. More posts with humor is on it’s way. ❤

Does this happen to anyone else? When you try to post a creative work publicly, do you have a hard time trying to keep up with your commitment?

Thanks for reading to the end of this post!

~Felicity Annora


8 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Like To Immediately Share Ideas

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  1. I’m sure this happens to all of us. And those who say it doesn’t are dirty rotten liars.

    I am constantly torn between wanting to announce things—diet, exercise, business plan, house project—in the hopes that somehow I’ll be held more accountable if I tell someone. But that almost always backfires, and I end up in the same corner with you, smiling awkwardly and tossing dirt over it, hoping everyone else forgot what I was going to do to change EVERYTHING and make my life PERFECT.

    I think your graphic novel is a terrific idea, but you have recognized that you want quality over speed, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. And think of how many writers have five or six different projects going on at any particular moment, because they either lost their focus on one, the oomph is gone from another, a plot point is stuck on yet another, or they’ve bored themselves with the first one and dread picking it up again.

    Creativity involves change, and change of direction or timing goes right along with that. You’re doing great! I’m going to cheer with you as we jump around on all the dust of our unfinished and not-yet-finished projects.

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    1. Thank you so much! 😀 It feels great knowing I’m not alone!

      That’s true. Writers and artists usually have more than one project going at the same time, and the projects almost always evolve one way or another. I suppose I felt like I owed an update on the graphic novel idea since it’s been a little while and I already revealed “spoilers” on what it would look like.

      I think I’m going to finish that little scene that I posted, and then move on and decide where I want to go with it. Hopefully, it’ll be a plot that I won’t get super stuck and frustrated like I did with this undeveloped one. 😛

      Yay! Glad to have a friend that’ll dance on our dusty unfinished projects together! LOL!

      (By the way, I don’t think I clearly said this earlier- but I absolutely love your comment. There’s just something in the way you phrased it that made it very satisfying and entertaining to read) 😀

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  2. ALL OF THE YES!!! I have SOOOO much trouble keeping up with schedules and PLANS and continuing to follow through with something on a regular basis, both when I’ve announced that I will be doing it, and even when I just tell MYSELF that I’ll be doing it. 😂😂😂 I suppose this would make sense, though, because I AM ENFP, TOO!!!! *flings confetti everywhere* The whole unpredictable and wishy-washy thing is something that I’m trying hard to fix, because GOALS and PLANS and ALL OF THE THINGS, but so far I’m still pretty unpredictable…

    And hey!! Don’t feel too bad about not finishing the graphic novel, okay?? It might not seem like it now, but every single moment you spend working on something creative is a moment that will later help further your creative endeavors!!! You’ve got this, Felicity!!! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!! *flings cookies at your face*

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      1. @SmudgedThoughts: YAY! I didn’t know you were an ENFP! No wonder we both get along so well. ;D

        Horray! Thanks for giving me a first-class ticket out of the guilt trip I gave myself for not working enough on my graphic novel. I keep painting myself into corners when I announce things publicly- and I guess this is where I should learn to be careful of what I say. Because I don’t want to keep proving over and over that my words and promises mean nothing. >.>

        I can promise this, though: I WILL continue trying to work towards a graphic novel and publishing it one day, even if I don’t make updates about it on my blog. ^-^ *takes cookies and noms upon them peacefully*

        @datmomma4: Well of COURSE you can! ;D *hands cookies out to share and fires up the confetti cannon*

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      2. @Felicity because apparently this will not allow me to reply to you directly???? XD

        I KNOW, RIGHT??? ENFP’s for the win!!! *high-fives* XD

        Ugh, I KNOW! I have the same issue. But I think it’s normal for people — especially creative types — to get really peer-pressured and anxious after announcing something they’re planning on doing, because OH NO WHAT IF I DON’T DO IT PERFECTLY PERFECT AND THEN I DIE. (at least, this is how MY brain tends to work. XD) But yeah. I definitely understand the whole words and promises meaning nothing thing… :((( It’s awful.

        YES!!!! That is a wonderful start!!! Something I’ve been learning is to make goals to MYSELF first, rather than blast them all over the internet, because then if I need to push them back a smidge due to being busy or underestimating how long it takes, the only person who I’m switching things out on is myself. XD

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  3. This has much to do with why my works of fiction have been negligible, since I left Xanga, in 2012. Being away from that little coterie of admirers and critics, I felt overwhelmed by the ocean of style and substance that is WordPress.

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