Rant: My Problem With PicMonkey

Once upon a time in a land faraway, There lived a younger girl who would edit all day. But now? No way. Not with PicMonkey, at least. Why? Because of the recent-ish update that PicMonkey made, you can no longer save your work without paying for a membership.     I used to LOVE PicMonkey.... Continue Reading →

Exhaustive List Of Cliche Personality Stereotypes (The School Slice-Of-Life Edition)

Hello, my dearies- guess who's back again with a writer's post? squeals in excitement due to not because it's been way too long. Lately, I've been able to find some time to read again. And it's been AMAZING. My mind had  has been buzzing with more creativity to write since even before NaNo, and I'm... Continue Reading →

A Writer’s Path Writer’s Club

Hello everyone! A fellow blogger of A Writer's Path, Ryan Lanz, has announced the launch of his new initiative: A Writer’s Path Writers Club. After looking at the writing market for years, he noticed a need for a Writers Club of this kind. Sure, there are Facebook groups, writers groups, etc., but there aren’t many associations that are... Continue Reading →

Drawing And Stamps

Horray! Second post this week! Looks like I'm able to keep up with that schedule I posted not too long ago. *wrings hands like a dastardly villain* So ANYYYYYWAYYY- welcome back! How has your Christmas present buying and crafting been coming along? I know that I personally have been procrastinating. by working really hard to get... Continue Reading →

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