Just having got some of my first experiences with prank phone callers recently, I thought that this would be too great of an idea to NOT turn into a post.

So today, I’ll  be telling you on some of the ways with how to deal with prank phone callers. These won’t be ideas on how to toy or entertain them- if you’re annoyed with getting called multiple times and can’t block the number, these are suggestions on how to KEEP THEM AWAY FOR GOOD.

(But please let me know if you’re interested in seeing a list of the funniest + witty responses to prank callers in the future)


Tip 1: Don’t feed the trolls.

You want to keep the prankers from coming back, right?

So don’t do anything to encourage/entertain them.

They’re calling you for a good time because they’re most likely bored. If they’ve already called your house or cell phone multiple times already, they’ve either memorized your number or have you on speed dial. They’re looking for a thrill, so don’t satisfy it.


Level 1 pranksters: Entertainment seekers.

Level 1 pranksters are bored creatures or are at some sort of a party where they’re being encouraged by their friends to prank call. They usually call twice or three times, then leave you alone. It’s best to simply ignore them. They’ll get tired of calling the same number over and over and leave you alone.

Problem solved!


Level 2 Pranksters: Persistant pains in necks.

Level 2 pranksters are the ANNOYING AS ALL GET OUT pranksters who refuse to leave you alone. They’ll call every hour on the hour at least three times in a row, then rinse and repeat. They never leave messages but keep calling you.

This is where it starts to get fun.

So you have two choices here:

Bore them out of their socks, or spook the fudge out of them.

Operation Bordem can either be turning the phone on and shoving them in a drawer where they can’t hear you and you can’t hear them, or you can place the phone nearby your television or computer and let them enjoy the droning of canned college lectures.

Next, you have the RIP HEADPHONES meme route. If Operation Bordem is a complete failure, start compiling a list of the loudest items you have in your house. A airhorn is desirable, but a noisy intrument or loud Youtube video will do. The next time your little friend decides to ring you up again, give them a piece of your mind by blowing their eardrums into the next demension.

(+10 points if your best friend complains about an earache by text or phonecall within the first 24 hours of you doing this)

The final option I have for you is kinda last resort, but I’m almost sure that this would work if you’ve come to the end of your wits.

When they call, pick up the phone, and answer with the most authoritative voice as you can muster- “(insert town/city name) Police Department, how can I help you?”

If you can scare them into thinking that you got so annoyed that you involved the police, they’ll probably leave you alone.


That’s all that I have for you currently. Please let me know if this helped you at all or if you enjoyed this post by liking or dropping a line int he comment section below! And as always, thanks for reading to the end of my post!

~Felicity Annora