MBTI Test: Reliable, or Hogwash?

There’s this really pretty popular little test on the internet that you might’ve heard of once or twice, called the Myers-Briggs Personality Test Indicator. And it’s been getting some flack from all over the internet.

I’ve looked up a few articles on the subject- both for it and against it- and would like to share my thoughts as unbiased and entertaining as I can on the entire debacle.


“It’s not reliable because SCIENCE!” The experts exclaim.

There have been a lot of professional psychologists (+others) who’ve gotten their knickers in a twist over this test, referring to scientific research that’s been done (that’s somewhere on the interwebs) and proving the MBTI test unreliable.

My thoughts?

I would say that they’re onto something. The Myers-Briggs test is more for the people who are interested in categorizing themselves into a personality type that best fits them (or at least the glamourized image of themselves) for fun and a discussion starter at the dinner table- maybe even learn a something or two about loved ones.

But it’s also unreasonable to say that there isn’t at least a grain of truth in the test just because scientists and psychologists haven’t slapped their stamp of approval on it. The person/people behind researching the MBTI test HAVE done some research on it. And because of it, it is one of the most accurate personality tests out there on the web.

I’ve referred the test multiple times to my friends, and the overwhelming response was that it rung true just about everytime. And if the shoe fits….


Nobody fits perfectly in one category!” The experts continue to scream.

My feelings for this argument that anti-Myers-Briggs testers bring up can be summed up nicely into this one meme:




No duh, compadre.

If it’s one thing I’ve learned about humans, it’s that blanket statements and generalizations can’t cover the entirety of the population. We’re each way too complex to be perfectly understood by one 12 minute test.

But saying “Nobody can fit perfectly into one category, and therefore, the test is useless” it’s a little like saying that a penguin isn’t a type of bird because it can’t fly.

Just because penguins can’t fly doesn’t mean that they can’t be categorized as an uncommon type of bird. And just because people don’t fit perfectly into one personality type doesn’t mean that they aren’t at least a unique offshoot of an MBTI test type.

So continue on flapping your wings even though you may not be able to fly, you cute little penguin, you.



“The MBTI test only tells you the best about your personality!” Specialists still complain.

Personality tests usually either choose to highlight the good things about you or the bad things about you. So between those two options, which one do you think will be the most popular?

Besides, in some personality descriptions, I do see some lists that talks about each personality’s shortcomings. Like ENFP’s are sometimes too sensitive (which I can totally relate to) or ENTP’s have a hard time dealing with emotional outbursts. This website (https://www.16personalities.com/personality-types) seems to be the best at listing both the good, bad, and the ugly.


Just please don’t swear by the MBTI- it has its problems.

Now as much as I love and enjoy looking into the MBTI test, I still don’t recommend living by the results that the test gives you. There’s reasons why a lot of people still feels inaccurately typed; some of the reasons ranging from lying about themselves, to feeling in different moods the day you’re taking the test, and to legitimately not fitting into any one of the types presented.

But that’s okay. You’re still allowed to like, enjoy the test, and tell your friends about it.


Did you like the arguements that I presented? Enjoyed the post? Have soemthing to add? Lemme know what you think by leaving a like or dropping a line in the comment section below. Also, thank you for reading my post to the end!

~Felicity Annora


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