A Not So Merry Christmas?

Christmas is right around the corner. Families will be coming together, fathers will be grumping about the Christmas lights outside the house, mothers will be baking, and children will refuse to go to bed just to see if they can sneak a peak at Santa. Or, at the very least, see what presents they got.

But for a few people like me, it can be difficult to get into the cheery holiday. Something bad might’ve happened to you, a death in the family might have ruined the entire season, or growing up may have made the holiday lost it’s charm and isn’t as magical as it used to be. Trying to think of presents for everyone and not believing in Santa has personally ruined some of the charm of the holiday for me (which I’m not saying that thinking of other people ruins the holiday for me, its just that it’s mentally taxing to try to come up with 20 to 30 Christmas presents for friends and family). I’m not as carefree as I used to be, and as a result, my holidays are becoming more of a “to-do list” rather than a “chill out and have some fun” time of year. But I refuse to give into the spirit of Ebeneezer Scrooge! So here are some of the ways that I am trying to get those warm fuzzy feelings back that I used to have for Christmas.


I’m binge watching some old Christmas movies.

I’m getting out the peppermint flavored popcorn and my fuzziest blankets- one of the easiest ways I get into the holiday spirit is to watch a few movies I’d always watch around Christmas when I was younger. From random Hallmark movies to The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Polar Express, I watch whatever it takes to get that reminiscent jolt of excitement that I’d always get while waiting for Christmas to arrive.


I’m listing everything that I’m thankful for.

I’m taking notes from Thanksgiving and listing all of the things that I’m thankful for whether or not they’re small and possibly insignificant. It’s just easier to be in a happier mindset when you’re always looking at the positive side of things.


I’m purposefully avoiding the things that get me furious. 

Sadly, somethings are unavoidable for some people- for instance, something almost always goes wrong with my computer on a daily basis and it’s just one of those unavoidable things that I deal with as long as I work on the computer. For others, it might be going to a job that they hate with a fiery passion. Or maybe even it’s the subject of politics that a student brings up in school. But if you don’t have to sit there and stew, get up and leave or take a mental vacation to a place that makes you happier. If you know what your hot buttons are, don’t push them.


I’m contacting a few old friends.

Since I’m an extrovert, I get my energy from hanging out with people. I find myself getting warm and fuzzy feelings from getting back together with a few old friends that kinda got buried in the sands of time and/or that I haven’t been able to talk with because life getting busier for me. Granted, I’m still twirling around like a dizzy ballerina during the holidays because there’s so much on my mind, but taking a few moments to reconnect with someone might just be the ticket you need to help that Christmas magic come back.


And last but not least, but I’m playing Christmas/Classical music all day long.

When you’re tired of listening to creepy men saying “But, Baby, it’s cold outside” and sleazy women singing about how they want their Santa baby to get them diamond rings (like seriously, I haven’t heard Silent Night on the radio once yet), pump up Beethoven, Mozart, and Vivaldi. Nothing screams Christmas more than instrumental violin and cello music. Not to mention it’s a lot less repetitive than listening to the same old Christmas songs over and over and over and FREAKING OVER AGAIN.

So that’s all I have to share on this topic for now. Thanks for taking some time out of your day to read this post!


~Felicity Annora.


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