Yandere Simulator- Nemesis Art Contest

For those of you who enjoy Yandere Simulator or who are investigating anything Yandere Simulator related to see what the fuss is all about, there’s an art contest running on Yandere Dev’s game development blog right at the moment which I decided to participate in for some fun.

The basis for the contest is that there’s a new game mode called “Mission Mode” which was just recently created by the developer, and he’s planning on adding a hunter to the mode to make the missions harder for the player to complete. What he asked for the artists to do is to draw Nemesis-chan in a varity of ways which he describes in his blog.

You can check out his blog for more details if you’re interested in joining yourself or the Yandere-Pokemon contest that Dev is running simultaneously. The contest is only running until the end of November, but I believe he states in one of his videos on Youtube that all fan art is welcome. I’d suggest that you don’t use a misleading title for your email which could result in your email getting bypassed.


So without further ado, here was my entry for the contest:

(trademarked) NemesisChan VS YandereChan.jpg


I hope you enjoyed it, and thank you for taking your time to look at this post!


~Felicity Annora.



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