10 Artsy Youtubers That Every Artist Should Be Subscribed To

This is the continuing post to Thoughts On the Phrase “I Can’t Draw!”. Click or tap the title to go check it out!

So without further ado, I give you the 10 artsy youtubers that you should be subscribed to if you aren’t already!

Baylee Jae

Baylee Jae is widely known throughout the art community on youtube, making “how to” videos from way back when. She makes stylistic cartoons on traditional pen and paper, and ventures into the realistic art style every now and then. If you need some quick, bubbly  inspiration for your art, she’s one of the main go-tos on the site.

Will Terrell

If you’ve ever binged watched any of the top five youtubers mentioned in this list before, you’ve most likely bumped into Will Terrell. He has made many good tips for struggling artists that can be found on his channel. He is also a traditional artist, drawing on pen and paper and has a very unique cartooning style. If you ever need a smile or some need some inspiration with your own art, be sure to take a look on his channel to see what he has to offer.

Draw with Jazza

Draw with Jazza is another artist essential. He’s an Austrailian Youtuber that’s made gobs of “how to” videos that’s done in both traditional and digital art, and records them with a hint of humor sprinkled in there. He’s truly a wild card that tackles many topics in almost any realm you can think of- be sure to check his channel out if you’re struggling in a certain area or if you just need a pep-talk.

Mary Doodles

Mary Doodles is another youtuber with a pretty big fanbase. She mainly creates art challenge videos where she’ll do all sorts of things in different styles. Her original style is slightly disturbed- which I’ll liken to Tim Burton- usually done on traditional pen and paper. Her videos really rev up your inspirtation and has helped me through my dry spells.


If you’re someone that enjoys manga and art, you’ve probably know this guy because he shows up in your recommendations. He’s even published his own manga and comic series called “Akiko,” “Brody’s Ghost,” and “Miki Falls”- so you might even know him because you’ve seen him somewhere in your library. He has created many videos of helpful tips for starting and experienced artists alike. He frequently draws in an anime style, but also draws in other styles for those of you who aren’t avid fans of the Japanese art style.


Gweakles is a very talented Youtuber that draws in her own disturbing way, usually drawing skulls stylistically with paints and watercolors. She’s very good at what she does. Her sketchbook tours always get my inspiration moter puttering again. And, yes- she draws more than just skulls. Be sure to check her out if you haven’t already subscirbed to her!


Talart is a youtuber that I had come across in my research for this blog post when I had realized with horror that there weren’t as many art youtubers in my subscription box as I thought there. This particular youtuber specializes in teaching you how to draw your favorite anime and manga characters. She’s a content creator with a smaller subscription base as of the time that this particular post is published, so if you feel like dropping her a compliment, it’s very likely she’ll respond to you. If you want to learn how to draw your favorite characters, I can’t recommend Talart to you enough!

Emmy Kalia

Cue up your classical music and play Emmy’s videos- she’s into the finer side of things. Emmy Kalia is someone I had also come across in my research. She teaches you how to draw humans realistically. I felt my jaw drop when I checked out her channel. So if you’re not into drawing cartoons, I’ll leave you in her more than capable hands.

Jonathan Harris

If you’re wanting to know how to impress your friends with 3D art tricks, look no further than Jonathan Harris’ youtube channel. I went to go investigate Jonathan a little and found all sorts of cool videos on how to do cool art tricks like “3D floating cube” and the classic “crack in the paper” and more art antics like so. I’ll be coming back to do check out more of his videos when I have the chance.

Jenna Drawing

Jenna Drawing is a UK youtuber that teaches you multiple tricks with the digital drawing pad and accasionally draws with tradtional pen and paper. Even though I don’t draw with digital tools, I find her work incredibly inspiring, her videos help me with shading, coloring, and proportions.  If you’re a digital artist and into drawing humans, I feel like you could benefit from Jenna’s videos.


So that’s all for this top 10 list. I hope you enjoyed it, and thank you for taking time out of your day to read this post!

~Felicity Annora.


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