Almost every decent artist has heard these words at least once from a family member or friend. A close relative of this popular phrase is “I can only draw stick people.”

And to tell you the truth, these words make me very sad.


It’s because everyone has the potential to be an artist. It’s that it just takes practice. Lots and lots of practice. I’ve been drawing ever since I was 6- granted, they weren’t very good, but it was a stepping stone to my devotion to art later in life. I kept growing, hanging out with other artists, and picking up tips and tricks on Youtube. Also a huge part that helped me develop was being open to constructive criticism from my more experienced friends and my mom, who has taken college art courses.

And if you love drawing, don’t let anything stop you. Keep looking for artsy people to hangout with, keep looking for good art tutorials on Youtube, and most importantly- keep drawing. Even if you have to doodle on a napkin during lunch break at work or draw tiny hearts on a piece of paper on the bus to school.

I’ll probably make a list of good artists that I’ve found on Youtube for a future post. But until then, keep drawing and stay devoted to what you love doing!

~Felicity Annora.