The Dangers Of Becoming Popular

We’ve almost all seen it before when somebody famous in Hollywood or in popular culture gets an inflated ego of themselves because of their popularity. The worst cases are usually when children get thrown into the limelight at an early age and can’t grow up without a camera on them at all times. *cough*MILEYCYRUS*cough*

But now with the invention of social media and people have access to their own phones and laptops, it’s never been easier to become popular in your own right. Whether it’s a million or so followers on Twitter, Youtube, (now dead) Vine,, Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat, Instagram, Wattpad, or their own personal blogs- there’s a bajillion ways to get famous. And depending on the person, it can get to their head oh-so quickly.

So I’m here to talk about some of the ways that fame can distort reality or have the potential to ruin someone’s personality.

1.) They Think They Need Someone’s Attention At All Times.

“Excuse me, but I’m over here, Mr. camera man!”

These are the people that’s been the center of attention all their lives and can’t get enough of it, or the people that’s had a taste of popularity and desprately want more of it. They need to be noticed at all times. They’ll do something crazy just so that they can become revelvant again or they’ll go somewhere where they’re being talked about and soak in the attention like a sponge there. Granted- these types of personalities can be found even without being exposed to social media and/or popular culture, but quite a few come from those backgrounds.

2.) They Think They’re Better Than You.

“I have 1 billion followers on Twitter and 20 million subscribers on Youtube. And I’m supposed to think you’re something special when you only have less than 170 followers on all of your social accounts combined?”

These are the type of people that won’t even notice you unless you’re a friend of their friends, and won’t talk to you until you’ve achieved a high social rank in their head. But only until then, they don’t want you to even kiss their shoes. You can find this personality even when they haven’t gotten popular because of social media like I had said before- but this can also be a byproduct of fame.

3.) They Think They’re Entitled To Whatever They Want.

“I’m famous- what do you mean I have to pay taxes?”

We’ve seen this mindset run rampant in the generation of the Millennials, so maybe it isn’t fair to say that it’s only because popularity. But then again, they are the generation when the internet and social media began to flourish, sooooo…

But anyway, I have seen this become a side effect of popularity, so here it is on this list.  I think it’s safe to say that you can find these mindsets wherever you go even if they don’t even have one social media account, so don’t be so quick to blame internet popularity for their nasty behaviour.


So that’s all I had to say on this topic for now. Thank you for taking your time to read this post!


~Felicity Annora.


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