Finding Dory: Review and Thoughts- SPOILERS!

So I had recently just had the pleasure of watching Finding Dory with my Family not too long ago. There was so much that I absolutely loved about it and knew the reason why it was rated 5 out of 5 stars on most critiques about the movie. But there was one thing missing from the movie that really would’ve just sold it home for me.

Allow me to explain a bit later on. I first want to address the things I really loved about the movie.

First things first, it was funny! There wasn’t any infantile farting jokes of the sort. If you were to laugh during the movie, it would be because of the smart humor or visual gags that they had sprinkled in reasonably throughout the story. For that reason alone, it earns a star from me.

Next, we have the beautiful animation updates. PIXAR usually outdoes everyone else in this catagory and for good reason. You see the blood, sweat, tears, and elbow grease that the studio puts into their work- Finding Dory is no exception. When there’s camera angle shots done in the full water, it looks like Dory, Marlin, or Nemo are floating in the air rather than swimming in water. Maybe the water was a bit too clear? Either way, it was visually stunning. Another gold star from me.

Now- let me address the biggest issue that I had with the movie. And that is that it felt a little too rushed. With the first movie Finding Nemo, we have quieter moments with Marlin where he feels extremely depressed about losing his son with Dory trying to cheer him up in the background. With Nemo, we see him nervous and getting to know the fish that’s in the same tank with him at the dentist’s office. There weren’t enough quiet moments in the film to make me really get to feel the characters the way the first one was able to. And yes, there were some sweet non-action moments in Finding Dory. But there weren’t enough to balance all the action that was happening in the film. They practically breezed through the reunion with Dory and her parents, which got me a little miffed. A half a gold star from me in that regard.

I wanted to end this mini rant from me on a good note, so let me quickly talk about how PIXAR was able to brilliantly incorporate scenes and pieces from Finding Nemo into Finding Dory. They talked about how Dory got the song “Just Keep Swimming” and how Dory thought she could speak whale, not to mention they were able to throw the annoying “MINE!” seagulls in there. More smiles and two gold stars from me.

All in all, I really enjoyed it and I want it home in my movie collection.

4 gold stars and a half for the grand total of the rating for this movie out of 5.


Piper short


And now, I really need to talk about this short that can be found on The Finding Dory disk.

And OH.



I think we almost had the police called on us because we were so loud in our squealing for this short. It was SO CUTE!

Click here to watch the short! It isn’t super good quality, but it’s worth dealing with if you haven’t watched it before. -clicky clicky- *giggles from getting poked*

It was so unbelievably adorable. I’m just at a loss for words for this short. And can we just applaud the animation crew for the amazing visuals for this, too? There were so many details in this that I couldn’t possibly couldn’t list them all here.

So that’s all I wanted to say for these topics. Thank you for taking some time out of your day to read this post!


~Felicity Annora.



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